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According to Polish law all children and youths from 6 to 18 years old are obliged to take education. Such obligation concerns foreign children as well, no matter how long they are on Polish territory, and which status they have.

A child may attend public school which is free, or private one which needs to be paid. Primary schools and middle schools (gimnazjum) are regionalized, which means that persons living under certain addresses are assigned to certain schools. To enroll a child to school from other region it is necessary to receive principal’s permission (usually by writing a request), which is not difficult.

In order to enroll you child to primary school or middle school take following steps:

  • get the information which public school matches your address of accommodation – in those places you will have priority. The information is available directly in the schools and in Departments of Educations in Municipal Offices
  • visit the nursery school and announce the will to enroll a child
  • fill out the admission form (electronic or paper version – the first one is especially common in bigger cities)
  • wait for decision (for details, ask in the office of the chosen nursery school)

If a child is at the beginning of education, the process of admission ends with the positive decision on admission. In case of older children, willing to continue their education, situation is a bit more complicated due to necessity of classification of them into appropriate level of education (type of school) according to their skills.

Children’s knowledge and skills are examined through:

  • document certifying graduating from certain school in the country of origin (certificate of graduation)
  • an interview (in case foreigner has none of documents mentioned above). Such interview is conducted by the principal of school in the mother language of foreigner (if principal does not speak the language, is obliged to use help of translator).

In case of  applying to class of certain profile of education (e.g. sports, arts, languages), the admission procedure concerns additional tests certifying desired skills (such tests apply to all pupils regardless of citizenship).