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The Idea is to create multilingual information website for migrants, comprehensively answering needs of foreigners visiting Poland. The portal describes:

  • formal and legal issues concerning stay in Poland
  • procedures in local offices
  • basic aspects of everyday life in certain cities of Poland

At the same time, website strengthens the idea and cooperation between people interested (professionally or privately) in migrations. In other words, the website serves as a space for communication among migrants, non-governmental organizations, workers of public institutions and scholars particularly concerned with migrations.

Aim and Mission of this project is to simplify the life of migrants in our country, by assuring them convenient and quick access to all practical information and as a result, activating foreigners and enlarging their participation in public life. The intended effects of this project are well informed, integrated, active migrants, and efficient, dynamic discourse of experts.

Content. The main page of the website has general profile and describes Poland. The portal consists of subpages of certain cities, considering their profiles, and information important for foreigners. For a good start are available pages of Warsaw, Lublin and Cracow. You are welcome to create a page of any other city of Poland. Organizations interested in cooperation please visit 'Act' section.
The platform consists of following sections:

  • Home Page – explains legal procedures and provides general information about PolandCities’ Profiles – help to navigate through various cities of Poland
  • News – local and nationwide news about happenings and events connected with migrations
  • Good to Read - articles and essays about migrations
  • Experts' Module – a tool of communication and cooperation among representatives of many communities, engaged into building migration policy and integration in Poland, as well as direct work with migrants, and for migrants

The platform is a part of a larger project entitled “Regional Cross-section Migration Policy in Support of Migrants”. The project provided for 2013 and 2014 is implemented by The Other Space Foundation from Warsaw, in cooperation with Homo Faber Association from Lublin and Interkulturalni PL Association from Cracow, who combined their strengths and experiences in order to promote the integration of migrants with Polish society. The project partners are municipal authorities of Warsaw, Lublin and Cracow. The project also carries out:

  • Social Campaign - during which are organized exhibitions and debates on the migrations
  • Cross-Section Working Forums - provide the opportunity to exchange local experiences, and improve the integration of foreigners in various cities.
  • Warsaw Multicultural Centre - multi-faceted space for migrants. More at:

Detailed information concerning this project can be found on the following website: