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Violation of bodily integrity, violence, threat, insult against other people due to nationality, ethnicity, race, political or religious affiliation, or lack of religious denomination are crimes liable to penalty. All of which reflect in actions like racial insults, devastation of  possession, or spitting on someone. If we witness, or fall victims of such behaviors, we should absolutely report this to the police or public prosecutor’s office. When falling a victim of a crime on racial basis, it is worth making a notification to one of the institutions particularly concerned with problem of such nature (e.g. in Warsaw operates Open Republic Association, or Never Again Association).

The legal procedure against any type of a crime is similar. Notice of an offence can be made verbally or in writing (enforcement agencies cannot refuse to accept a notification). If a victim does not speak Polish, enforcement agencies must provide a translator. If we want to make a notice of an offence, it is advisable to present witness. Remember to ask them for address so they could have later testify in our case. Immediately after receiving of the notification, prosecutor or the police is obliged to give a decision whether the preparatory proceedings will start or be amortized. Within 6 weeks the information concerning start, refuse to start or amortization of proceeding should be delivered to the person who noticed the offence, as well as to the victim of a crime. If we do not receive such information, then we can make official complaint to the prosecutor (prokurator nadrzędny), authorized to oversee agency where the offence has been noticed.