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/ Source: Polish Migration Forum

Masovian Province hosts almost half of all foreigners arriving in Poland. That’s why schools in Warsaw and neighboring areas are more culturally diverse that other facilities in Poland. These schools are attended by children from Ukraine, Vietnam, China, Chechen, Syria and many other countries.

The present situation in the world, immigration from war-torn regions, terrorism and xenophobia affect the relations between children of different cultures in Polish schools. Unfortunately, there are reports of insults and threats aimed at foreign children.

School is for everyone, that’s why Polish Migration Forum Foundation conducts a project for children “Cały świat w naszej klasie” (The Whole World in Our Class). We teach children tolerance and openness, respect for other people regardless of skin colour or religion.

We have reached 30 schools with our workshops. 2000 Polish and foreign pupils took part in the project. The video clip is a summary of the 5th edition of this initiative.