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•    January 1 – New Year’s Day, Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

– international holiday, but also celebration in Catholic Church

•   January 6 – Epiphany

– holiday imposed by Catholic Church, consecration of chalk, later on believers write with the chalk letters K+M+B or CMB on the main doors of their houses, in some places there is celebrated a new tradition of organizing Epiphany processions

•    Ester (Sunday and Monday in Spring) – movable

-  the most crucial Christian holiday – in memory of Christ’s resurrection. In Poland there is tradition of consecrating foods on Saturday before the holiday; the next day however is known also Wet Monday (in Polish it is called “śmingus-dyngus”) according to tradition of pouring other people with water.

•    May 1 – Labour Day (International Workers’ Day)

– national holiday of international character, celebrated in Poland since 1950.

•    May 3 - Constitution Day

– national holiday in memory of Constitution of May 3, the first constitution in Europe, and second in the World (right after the American Constitution)

•    Pentecost Sunday – movable

– Catholic holiday celebrated on Sunday 50 days after Easter, also associated with folk tradition celebrated as welcome of the spring

•    Corpus Christi – movable

– holiday celebrated in all Catholic Church 60 days after the Easter. In many Polish cities and villages are organized processions with the Blessed Sacrament

•    August 15 - Polish Armed Forces Day, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Marry

– national holiday in memory of victory of Polish army over Bolsheviks in 1920; also Catholic holiday

•    November 1 – All Saints’ Day

– holiday in Catholic Church in Poland, that and the next day (All Souls’ Day) people visit their relatives’ graves

•    November 11 – Independence Day

– national holiday in memory of regaining the independence, after 123 years of annexation, on 11th November 1918, together with giving marshal Józef Piłsudski military authority

•    December 25 - 26 – Christmas and Boxing Day

–  one of the most important Christian holidays in memory of Christ’s birth; in Poland is celebrated Christmas Eve with feast of traditional, meat free dishes