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Emergency numbers
112 – shared number of all emergency services
997 – Police
998 – Fire brigade
999 – Ambulance
-   more emergency numbers in Safety section (link)

-    socket type: 2P+Z (two current circuits and ground) – 230V – people traveling form countries with sockets of other parameters should equip themselves with a socket adapter

Polish units of measurements
-    Poland uses metric system of measurements according to SI: meter (1 m = 100 cm) kilogram (1 kg = 100 g), second (1h = 60 min = 3600 s.); temperatures are expressed in Celsius degrees, pressure in hectopascal units, and speed in kilometers per hour (km/h)

Time zone
-    during the winter time (from the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March) – Central European Time CET (UCT +1)
-    during the summer time (from the last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October) – Central European Summer Time CEST (UCT +2)

Distances between Polish cities
-    website providing information on distances between Polish cities:

Drug prohibition law:
-    alcohol and cigarettes may be used by persons over the age of 18
-    drugs are illegal, possession and use are prohibited and liable to penalty
-    drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in public places, including pubs and restaurants is prohibited (this excludes special zones for smokers)