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Centre for Foreigners in Łuków – Open Day

Posted: | 23 May 2016 | Monday | 11:47 CEST
Open Day at the Centre for foreigners in Łuków is an initiative facilitating the integration process of foreigners in Poland. Citizens, journalists and representatives of public institutions are welcomed to visit the centre and talk to its residents.
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Safe Childhood – Grant Competition

Posted: | 19 May 2016 | Thursday | 14:14 CEST
“Dajmy Dzieciom Siłę” Foundation (former Nobody’s Children Foundation) has announced a grant competition for NGOs that support local community in defense of children and youth rights. The funding may support projects implemented in centers for foreigners.
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CHANGE: New Rules for Granting Work Permits

Posted: | 25 April 2016 | Monday | 10:58 CEST
From the 1st of April new rules for granting work permits come into force.
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Coalition Against Hate Speech

Posted: | 13 April 2016 | Wednesday | 11:41 CEST
Poland and Europe more and more often witness acts of hostility towards migrants. The answer to that problem is Coalition Against Hate Speech (Koalicja Przeciw Mowie Nienawiści).
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Poland Cannot Breach Obligations to Receive Refugees

Posted: | 1 April 2016 | Friday | 11:42 CEST
Updated: | 7 April 2016 | Thursday | 00:35 CEST
“Prime Minister Beata Szydło said that at the moment she could not see the possibility of accepting refugees into Poland. It is a consequence of the position of the Polish government, which openly expressed reluctance to the re-settlement mechanism. At the same time Polish authorities did nothing to find a constructive solution to the refugee crisis."
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Etnoliga 11- Sign Up Now!

Posted: | 16 March 2016 | Wednesday | 11:50 CET
When: 11 Sundays, from 10th April to 26th June 2016 (excluding 1st May) What time: 11-18 Who can play: amateur football teams of 10-16 people, minimum 3 nationalities and 3 women in the team Age category: 16+ Applications: for individual and team applications go here Deadline for applications: March 31, 2016 Fees: Etnoliga is free of charge, but if you like what we do, please donate! Field: ‘Orlik’ pitch: the playing field is 26 x 56 m, goals 2 x 5 m, artificial grass,two dressing rooms, one for men and one for women. Address: ul. Przy Bażantarni 3, Warsaw (Ursynów) Number of teams: 16-20 Source and more information 
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CONFERENCE: “Minorities and Migrants. Political and Social Aspects of Multiculturalism”

Posted: | 14 March 2016 | Monday | 10:00 CET
Updated: | 16 March 2016 | Wednesday | 10:52 CET
A conference organized by UAM Poznan concerning ethnical and national minorities and migrants.
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Scholars from UAW Oppose Aggression Against Foreigners

Posted: | 9 March 2016 | Wednesday | 11:30 CET
Senate of the University of Adam Mickiwicz in Poznan adopted a resolution to oppose xenophobia. The decision of the Senate was motivated with reoccurring assaults on foreigners in Poznań. UAM’s scholars are against such violent acts.  
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How to Solve the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Posted: | 6 March 2016 | Sunday | 12:27 CET
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) published recommendations concerning solutions to refugee crisis in Europe due to the EU-Turkey Summit planned on March 7.
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Posted: | 27 February 2016 | Saturday | 15:47 CET
Updated: | 29 February 2016 | Monday | 21:57 CET
“Since you are here, you have probably witnessed or fallen victim to an incident of racism. This website has been created to help you. In its tabs, you will find all information you need, and you will learn how to receive support.”
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Posted: | 20 February 2016 | Saturday | 17:15 CET
Updated: | 22 February 2016 | Monday | 19:55 CET
From the middle of February new rules concerning work permits are in force in Mazovian Voivodeship.
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A Guide for Students – How to Legalize Your Stay in Poland

Posted: | 10 February 2016 | Wednesday | 19:40 CET
The Rule of Law Institute Foundation prepared a guide for people willing to legalize their temporary residence in Poland due to their university activity as students.
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Posted: | 31 January 2016 | Sunday | 21:03 CET
“Check out our new publication named ABC OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP  where you can learn how to establish you own business in Poland.”
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POLISH LANGUAGE: Office for Foreigners Invites to Language Courses

Posted: | 31 January 2016 | Sunday | 20:40 CET
Office for Foreigners offers free Polish language courses for people applying for protection in Poland. Courses include additional resources for learning, film nights, cultural night outs and babysitting during the classes.
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Poland Takes Only 400 Refugees This Year

Posted: | 24 January 2016 | Sunday | 18:45 CET
Updated: | 27 January 2016 | Wednesday | 14:35 CET
According to the project of a resolution concerning relocation of refugees Poland will take only 400 migrants from Greece and Italy.
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My Career in Poland! Free Career Counseling

Posted: | 28 December 2015 | Monday | 13:58 CET
Polish Migration Forum (PMF) provides free career counseling that helps foreigners living in Poland with finding employment and establishing own business activity.
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Złote Wachlarze 2015 – Contest’s Results

Posted: | 28 December 2015 | Monday | 11:31 CET
The award ceremony of Złote Wachlarze took place on 18th December 2015. We present the list of this year’s laureates: Person: Mirosława Keryk – for her contribution to dialogue between Polish people and Ukrainian community in Poland and her support for social integration. Institution: Immigrant Support Center - for actions for the integration of foreigners in Gdańsk supporting devlopment of social capital, social dialogue and intersection cooperation. Audience’s Prize: Angela Darbinian – for the broad scope of actions supporting integration of migrant and Polish children in school.
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Posted: | 18 December 2015 | Friday | 16:27 CET
Updated: | 21 December 2015 | Monday | 12:57 CET
Office for Foreigners informs that from the 1st of January, 2016 submitting application for temporary stay permits will be possible only with new forms. Applications submitted on the old forms will be invalid.
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Polish Language Course for English Speakers!

Posted: | 17 December 2015 | Thursday | 15:16 CET
We invite everyone to look for Polish language courses available on the websites like www.duolingo.comPolish Language Course Online
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‘’Jestem Migrantem” – Polish Edition of I am a Migrant Campaign

Posted: | 10 December 2015 | Thursday | 11:44 CET
International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Poland prepared #JestemMigrantem campaign – Polish edition of i am a migrant campaign.
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I am a Migrant – Migrants’ Stories

Posted: | 9 December 2015 | Wednesday | 11:44 CET
i am a migrant is about humanizing migrants’ stories of migration and providing a platform to present their narratives in their own words. This project can help change the lens through which people view migrants and migration. This joint International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) global campaign seeks to challenge prevailing unfavorable media and public discourses which have an important impact on public perceptions of migration by creating one of the greatest audio archives on migration in the world. With one person in seven people migrating across the world, it is important to show that behind every migrant, there is a story worth hearing. Source: i am a migrant 
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Posted: | 8 December 2015 | Tuesday | 09:44 CET
From the 1st of January, 2016 a new postal address of the Department of Foreigners will be available. The Office for Incoming Correspondence Log will be located at 33 Taborowa St.
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“Let’s Sit Together!” Diversity in Polish Schools

Posted: | 7 December 2015 | Monday | 10:04 CET
Masovian Province hosts almost half of all foreigners arriving in Poland. That’s why schools in Warsaw and neighboring areas are more culturally diverse that other facilities in Poland. These schools are attended by children from Ukraine, Vietnam, China, Chechen, Syria and many other countries.
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BOOK: “The Bitter-Sweet Taste of Emigration"

Posted: | 6 December 2015 | Sunday | 10:35 CET
We strongly recommend a book by Tatiana Jewsiejewa "Słodko-gorzki smak emigracji" (The Bitter-Sweet Taste of Emigration). “The Bitter-Sweet Taste of Emigration” is a specific study of an emigrant based on personal experiences and put into a broad cultural context. The book describes emigration as emotional and spiritual path of development, full of unexpected turns and challenging events.
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Refugees Welcome Polska Website

Posted: | 23 October 2015 | Friday | 10:43 CEST
Another initiative aiming to support refugees. This time help concerns accommodation. You can register yourself and your flat on the website and help people in need. More information on: Refugees Welcome Polska 
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Fundriser for Refugees

Posted: | 19 October 2015 | Monday | 20:38 CEST
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ATTENTION: Department of Foreigners – New Address

Posted: | 17 October 2015 | Saturday | 20:21 CEST
Updated: | 10 November 2015 | Tuesday | 11:56 CET
Department of Foreiners in Warsaw changed its address. The new address is 3/5 Mazowiecka Street.
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Free Polish Language Course for Ukrainians

Posted: | 23 September 2015 | Wednesday | 16:47 CEST
“Port Europa” starts enrollment for free Polish language e-course. After subscribing, on your e-mail you will received useful tips concerning Polish language learning.
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Refugees are Welcome! Let’s Show Our Solidarity

Posted: | 9 September 2015 | Wednesday | 17:31 CEST
On weekend of September 12-13 we are meeting in cities of Poland to express our solidarity with refugees. New cities joined our action!
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Refugees are Welcome!

Posted: | 9 September 2015 | Wednesday | 16:55 CEST
On weekend of September 12-13 we are meeting in many cities of Poland to express our solidarity with refugees. 
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Charter of Rights for Victims of Domestic Violence

Posted: | 9 September 2015 | Wednesday | 16:22 CEST
The Charter includes basic rights of persons that fell victims of domestic violence, as well as a list of facilities providing help to those people. The Charter is available on the official website of the Ministry of Interior in various languages: Polish, German, Russian and English.
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Social and Education Campaign Zobacz Zrozum Zareaguj (3Z) (Notice, Recognize, React)

Posted: | 7 September 2015 | Monday | 14:38 CEST
Updated: | 16 September 2015 | Wednesday | 12:14 CEST
Bias motivated crime is an act subjected to penalties. Aggressor attacks only because they do not respect others coulor of skin, creed or identity. Such acts may refer to other people as well as their properties; bias motivated crimes include insults, threats and encouraging others to commit similar unlawful acts.
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New Regulations Facilitating Foreigners Studying in Poland

Posted: | 3 September 2015 | Thursday | 16:34 CEST
Updated: | 10 September 2015 | Thursday | 13:10 CEST
From the new academic year a foreign student will pay for each semester separately; this helps to split one large payment. What is more, the prices for education on Polish universities will be reduced for foreigner – the chancellors will set the prices. This will make universities compete, and as a result make students from abroad choose Poland more often.
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New Information Flyer Concerning Stay in Poland

Posted: | 31 August 2015 | Monday | 21:39 CEST
Updated: | 10 September 2015 | Thursday | 13:22 CEST
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has published flyers with basic information concerning stay on the Polish territory, as well as terms of entry for citizens of Ukraine.
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POLONEZ – A Programme for Researchers from Abroad

Posted: | 12 September 2015 | Saturday | 15:13 CEST
A funding programme addressed to incoming researchers who may apply for 12-24-month fellowships in host institutions in Poland.
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Posted: | 11 August 2015 | Tuesday | 20:37 CEST
The Port Europa portal has prepared free Polish language e-courses.
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Posted: | 10 August 2015 | Monday | 21:44 CEST
Updated: | 10 September 2015 | Thursday | 13:03 CEST
From the 1st of August, applications for Polish citizenship and the recognition as a Polish citizens can be submitted personally to the Mazovia Voivodeship Office in Warsaw, Citizenship and Repatriation Branch (3/5 Plac Bankowy), on appointment only. Appointments via tel. 22 695 65 67.
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New Form for Temporary Stay Application

Posted: | 8 July 2015 | Wednesday | 14:40 CEST
Attention! From the 17th of July, 2015 a new form for temporary stay application is in operation. From that day only applications on the new form will be respected. The new application for is available at The old application forms sent via post office BEFORE THE 17th of July, 2015 (the date on the post stamp) would be recognized on the previous basis, without the necessity of using the new application form. Source: Migrant Info
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Change of Medical Services Provider for Foreigners

Posted: | 6 July 2015 | Monday | 13:04 CEST
Updated: | 9 July 2015 | Thursday | 14:45 CEST
From 01.07.2015, medical service for foreigners applying for refugee status on the territory of the Republic of Poland is provided by Petra Medica Sp. Z o.o. Contact to Petra Medica Sp. Z o.o concerning medical services for foreigners: Grochowska 166 04-329 Warszawa Tel. 22 112 02 06 Source: UdSC 
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Press Articles About Citizenship for Foreigners!

Posted: | 24 June 2015 | Wednesday | 15:44 CEST
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CONFERENCE: “Safety at Work and Attractiveness of Polish Labor Market for Foreigners”

Posted: | 24 June 2015 | Wednesday | 15:24 CEST
The conference will concern the procedures of employment and settlement in Poland, and the legal awareness among employers and employees. Where: “Zielna” Conference Centre in Warsaw, 37 Zielna St When: June 27 (Saturday), 2015 What time: 9:30-15:30 Applications: the conference is open to everyone, please confirm your participation via telephone 535 888 815, or via e-mail: \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Source and more information
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IMI Radio is Broadcasting!

Posted: | 15 June 2015 | Monday | 09:36 CEST
IMI Radio is a multicultural radio station broadcasting via the Internet, promoting various cultures and integration. Radio values live content so tune up for plenty of interesting debates. Listen to IMI Radio Visit IMI Radio on the Facebook
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New Application for Entrepreneurs Employing Foreigners

Posted: | 11 June 2015 | Thursday | 17:17 CEST
Updated: | 5 July 2015 | Sunday | 01:04 CEST
International Organization for Migration (IOM) presents the first interactive information application for entrepreneurs employing, or willing to employ foreigners in Poland. The application is not just another database of complicated regulations. Due to its construction it allows to analyze the situation of particular foreigner and so the possibility of his or her employment. Online and offline versions of the application are available at
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Info Migrator Invites to Festival of World Cultures in Gdańsk

Posted: | 8 June 2015 | Monday | 18:39 CEST
Updated: | 15 June 2015 | Monday | 15:45 CEST
Info Migrator is a patron of the Festival of World Cultures “Windw Onto the World” in Gdańsk. The festival takes place once a two years and is a cultural event promoting tolerance and multicultural dialogue. Where: 1. Gdańsk, Targ Węglowy 2. Gdańsk, 50 Świętojańska St, Centrum Św. Jana When: July 17-19, 205 THE FESTIVAL IS FREE
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Flaga unii

Flaga unii

Projekt ‘MIEJSKI SYSTEM INFORMACYJNY I AKTYWIZACYJNY DLA MIGRANTÓW’ jest współfinansowany z Programu Krajowego Funduszu Azylu, Migracji i Integracji oraz budżetu państwa. Wyłączna odpowiedzialność spoczywa na autorze. Komisja Europejska nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za sposób wykorzystania udostępnionych informacji.

Projekt LOKALNE MIĘDZYSEKTOROWE POLITYKI NA RZECZ INTEGRACJI IMIGRANTÓW realizowany był w ramach programu Obywatele dla Demokracji, finansowanego z Funduszy EOG.

Projekt LOKALNE POLITYKI MIGRACYJNE - MIĘDZYNARODOWA WYMIANA DOŚWIADCZEŃ W ZARZĄDZANIU MIGRACJAMI W MIASTACH był współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu na rzecz Integracji Obywateli Państw Trzecich oraz budżetu państwa. Wyłączna odpowiedzialność spoczywa na autorze. Komisja Europejska nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za sposób wykorzystania udostępnionych informacji.

Projekt LOKALNE MIĘDZYSEKTOROWE POLITYKI NA RZECZ INTEGRACJI IMIGRANTÓW był współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu na rzecz Integracji Obywateli Państw Trzecich oraz budżetu państwa. Wyłączna odpowiedzialność spoczywa na autorze. Komisja Europejska nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za sposób wykorzystania udostępnionych informacji.

Projekt ‘WARSZAWSKIE CENTRUM WIELOKULTUROWE’ był współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu na rzecz Integracji Obywateli Państw Trzecich oraz budżetu państwa. Wyłączna odpowiedzialność spoczywa na autorze. Komisja Europejska nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za sposób wykorzystania udostępnionych informacji.

LOKALNE MIĘDZYSEKTOROWE POLITYKI NA RZECZ INTEGRACJI IMIGRANTÓW Projekt realizowany był przy wsparciu Szwajcarii w ramach szwajcarskiego programu współpracy z nowymi krajami członkowskimi Unii Europejskiej.